If you’ve an Outdated ERP, an Incident is Insured

Cybercriminals know that ERP is the heart of business. The security of the company’s information depends on how well protected access to the weakest of the devices that make up the network is. Many companies and organizations use specific software to manage their business processes. These tools are known as […]


Doubts about choosing an ERP, follow our steps to choose an ERP

Choosing an ERP has always been a complex task. Entrepreneurs perceive ERP as a complex and difficult solution to implement, but they are aware of its usefulness in a company. Let’s see how to choose your ERP correctly and avoid the pitfalls. Evolution of ERPs The Management Planning System (or […]


What are the differences between ERP and CRM?

How ERP and CRM differ and what advantages are provided by each of these management tools. Some entrepreneurs confuse the two terms and think that when they talk about ERP or CRM, they mean the same tool so to speak. The ERP is Enterprise Resource Planning and CRM is Customer […]


What should your company take into account when choosing an ERP?

It is very important to know how to choose the right ERP because amanagement software allows to solve in an integral way all the management of a company. The ERP arises from the need to implement fast and effective solutions in a world of digital transformation like the one we […]

Enterprise Resource Planning

How does an ERP and CRM business management software work?

ERP and CRM software are some of the most valued and easy to use business management tools on the market. ERP software for companies is an integral business solution, that is, it allows you to manage all the processes related to your company through a single database; from sales departments […]